Diving requires special skills learned during training and maintained through practice. “Use it or lose it” is especially true in diving. While skills will degrade somewhat with as little six months of inactivity, most dive educators and instructors consider inactivity of one to two years sufficient to warrant refresher training.

The Scuba Skills Update is a refresher course that allows to review and practice the knowledge and skills you learned in an Open Water Diver program. The benefits:

Review the basic knowledge and skills to feel safe and comfortable before going “back in the water.”
Be ready for the next vacation and able to display a mastery of skills when entering the water.


Our plan is to conduct the theory review session on zoom during this quarantine period.

We may continue on the water skills after the MCO over.

After you completed all the requirement (set by SSI), you will be given this e-card

Not only that, you will also be given a title SSI AMBASSADOR, of course with an e-card

This video will explain to you more on the program and promotion. If you are interested, you may contact me diretcly to discuss on your schedule.

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