This month, the world celebrated International Family Day, with a focus on how new technologies affect the well-being of families. Let’s face it, in the last year families have been pent up together and kids stuck inside, spending more time on electronic devices than ever before. People need to get out of the house, get active and unload – as you and I know, diving offers the perfect escape to make this happen. And, after more than a year of lockdowns, distancing, masking, restrictions and other challenges, people need the healing diving offers.

There’s a growing consensus that children need more time outside for physical and emotional health, to develop thinking (exercise is good for your brain) and to develop social skills. In some cultures, it’s estimated that kids average less than 30 minutes outside daily but seven hours on electronic devices, and surely pandemic lockdowns have only increased screen time. This makes diving an optimum outdoor activity because, by its nature, diving engages physical, social and intellectual learning at the same time.

School holidays will start soon. Have you thought on how to make use of your children time during the school break and not be able to go out from the house?

Now let’s think on how can we conduct our scuba diving courses since we are not allowed to go outside the house. As we are all aware that scuba diving courses has a quite strict standard curriculum where besides the academic sessions, there are confined water sessions (normally will be conducted at the pool) and open water sessions. And for junior open water students, there is no exceptional. They still need to go through the academic session and complete all the required skills satisfactorily.

For junior students, they are easy to catch up with the first 40 minutes class they attend. So, we can abide to that study and limit our zoom session for 40 minutes. Furthermore, zoom also provide free sessions for 40 minutes. So we can utilize the offer. Since the curriculum has quite a number of chapters to cover, since the mature students can finish reading the manual in two days, junior students may need to have a number of sessions to allow them to visualise materials that the learn. They watch the video bit-by-bit (with the instructor), go every page of the manual word for word, do all the exercises together with their instructors. When they are ready, they will sit for the quizzes and exams. All via online.

This may fill their school holidays or even during the MCO period worthwhile.

When the MCO is uplift, the whole family can start to plan on an island trip. This time, it is not only a family trip but accompanying and supporting their children with the waterskill exercises and celebrate the graduation.

Courses available via online

  1. Jr Open Water Diver
  2. Jr Advanced Open Water
  3. Jr Rescue Diver
  4. Project AWARE Specialty
  5. Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty

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